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The School of the SEA (Sea and Earth Advocates) is an experiential learning center focusing on the principles of marine conservation and of sustainable living. This was founded by the Law of Nature Foundation (LNF) in 2002. For the past several years, it has been very instrumental in changing the mindsets, attitudes, and practices of its student-visitors. It has been able to reach out to at least eight thousand participants, youth, teachers, lawyers, young professionals, LGU officials, and many more.
An eco-friendly philosophy can be adapted easily, and a lot of people are taking to the ecofriendly lifestyle - seen in their use of the many types of "green bags" when grocery shopping or going through their day-to-day activities.
With the invitation to 'switch off' extended to everyone, Earth Hour quickly became an annual global event. It's scheduled on the last Saturday of every March - closely coinciding with the equinox to ensure most cities are in darkness as it rolled out around the Earth. In 2011, the challenge became going Beyond the Hour - which is an invitation to further commit to lasting action on climate change
Habagat 30 Mountain Rock Challenge (Posting Date: 10/22/2017)
Join us and experience the thrill in Habagat 30K Mountain Rock Challenge at Igbaras Iloilo!

This a a way of promoting healthy lifestyle and boost environment consciousness among the nearby enthusiast of the sport of trail running while exploring the beauty of Mt. Napulak!

Categories: 15 & 30K (Male & Female)

Registration Fee:
  • 15K - P 1,000.00
  • 30K - P 1,500.00
Early Bird Registration (July to August 31, 2017)
  • 15K - P 800.00
  • 30K - P 1,350.00

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PASSION FOR NATURE (Posting Date: 03/02/2016)
In the year 2011, Rene ‘Tatay Eti’ Vendiola was awarded the General Pantaleon Villegas Award as “Outstanding Baconganon” for environmental conservation. In 2012 ‘Tatay Eti’ received the Ramon Aboitiz Foindation Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Award on Exemplary Individual for environment conservation.
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PUNDOK HABAGAT SNORKELING AND DISCOVERY SCUBA DIVING: Exploring What Lies Beneath The Deep Blue (Posting Date: 07/18/2015)
When the underwater world beckons you, then definitely you need to venture what lies beneath. 
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BMC 3 and 4: Channeling Core Competencies and Skill Set In An Outdoor Environment (Posting Date: 07/06/2015)
Last June 27-28, around 15 participants from all sectors gathered together for a chance to upgrade their individual skill. Though each participant had already finished the Basics of Mountaineering provided either by Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines or some other clubs who also taught the basics of back packing and trail etiquette. They did not missed the opportunity to embark on a journey to enhance their mindset and skill set. With open minds and eagerness to learn, they joyfully participated.

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Adventure Mall Challenge Awaits Racers this May 30! (Posting Date: 05/28/2015)
The HABAGAT Adventure Challenge aims to implement fun yet adrenaline filled tasks that need to be completed in a given time frame. These challenges will test your endurance, strategy and of course, test your limits and let you enjoy the beauty of competing against others and against yourself. 
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HABAGAT Supports the Dragon Boat Scene in Cebu (Posting Date: 05/22/2015)
CEBU, PHILIPPINES --- Dragon Boat Racing, a sport not inherently original here in the Philippines, had taken Cebu and entire Visayas with piqued interest.
Being in a archiepelagic setting, Cebu, as well as other provinces in the Visayas Region, had been strategic places to cultivate the sport due to an abundance of open seas.
Due to this, HABAGAT Outdoor Equipment, in its mission to advance the outdoor lifestyle, formed Gruppo HABAGAT, it's first and very own Dragon Boat Team dedicated to raise the awareness of Cebu being a breeding ground of worthy athletes in the scene.
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DEALERS GATHERING 2015 [May 7-9, 2015, Campo HABAGAT] (Posting Date: 05/12/2015)
For the longest time, our dealers became our driving force to push sales and garner a network of consumers. We strive to innovate and continue our passion to lead, be a benchmark in providing outdoor products suited for the adventurist soul in our dealers as well as with our consumers.
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37th MFPI ANNUAL NATIONAL CONGRESS at Daragang Magayon Festival [April 15-19] (Posting Date: 04/20/2015)
The 4 day event consisted of many activities geared towards appreciating nature, being disaster responsive, exploring natural Albay wonders like mountains [Mayon, Manaet and Malinao], Basic Mountaineering Course, First Aid Training, Island Hopping, Caving and so much more. During these times, everyone was able to unite under camaraderie, friendship and good will. 
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