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Do you love the Great Outdoors? Are you a lover of learning? Are you for promoting ecological stewardship? If your answer for all the question is "YES!", then you should check out how and on which areas you could join us. We are interested in enthusiastic, quality-oriented people who are passionate about basking and protecting the environment.

Corporate Responsibility

Our company vision embodies the ideals that our company strives towards. It is a definitive statement of where we want to be in the future and what we want to project our image to be

To be a leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality, innovative and affordable outdoor products and services for the advancement of an outdoor lifestyle guided by social responsibility and a deep respect for nature and the environment.

Our company mission statements are essentially the statement of the steps that the company will take towards the realization of the Vision. These are the underlying foundations and motives for the activities that we take towards the achievement of our objectives and goals as embodied in our Vision statement

  • To Manufacture and Distribute Innovative and Affordable products that cater to the market without sacrificing it's emphasis on quality
  • Our focus of the company is marketing Outdoor Products and Services which espouses the lifestyle of the outdoors, nature and the environment
  • We aim to advance the outdoor lifestyle as an essential element of the way the company views the world and how it relates to it through the holding of events, sponsorships and educational initiatives and the provision of facilities, venues and products for this purpose
  • Most importantly, while the company recognizes that any business must generate profits to develop and grow, the company views it's way and method of doing business is also committed to promoting social responsibility and advocacy of environmental conservation and preservation