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Do you love the Great Outdoors? Are you a lover of learning? Are you for promoting ecological stewardship? If your answer for all the question is "YES!", then you should check out how and on which areas you could join us. We are interested in enthusiastic, quality-oriented people who are passionate about basking and protecting the environment.

Company History

During the 1970s, when mountaineering was still making its way into the consciousness of most Filipinos, a group of friends who where enthusiasts of the sport and avid outdoorsmen decided to manufacture their own equipment. With a very minimum capital, struggling young architects Efren "Junks" Muaña, Randy Su and Dindo Sugatan formed HABAGAT OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT and setup a shop in a borrowed garage, in midtown Cebu City.

The first models that they personally designed, patterned, and sewed on a grandmother's sewing machine gained favorable response from peers and fellow mountaineers.

FROM THERE, it was only a matter of time before their products were noticed and recognized by the members of the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI) at its Annual Congress and Climb at Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon in April of 1987.

Orders started pouring in, and a nationwide network of dealers (themselves mostly outdoor people) was established. Additional machines were purchased; more workers were employed; and larger quarters were secured.

FURTHERMORE, an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible manufacturing and disposal system was put into effect, because the group aimed and continues to strive to be a CORPORATION WITH A CONSCIENCE.

SO FAR, a typical Habagat Outdoor Shop has on diplay, not only the full range of Habagat Equipment, but also houses a wide array of known brands of outdoor recreational equipment, such as but not limited to camping and caving gear; mountain biking accessories; high quality climbing shoes; sandals; ropes; carabiners; and climbing harnesses.

HABAGAT OUTDOOR SHOPS also serve as venues where mountaineering clubs and bikers' association converge; hold meetings and plan activities; and even simply hang out.

HABAGAT OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT has been active in and supportive of various outdoor activities, especially those related to eco-tourism and adventure sports, such as the 22nd Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon in Sabah, Malaysia; the 88-Day Friendship Kayak which established the first kayak trail from the southern to the northern tip of the Philippines; and the 1st Earth Dance Sugbu-Maharlika in Cebu.

H.O.E was also one of the primary exponents of indoor rock-wall climbing with the first artificial wall in the Philippines, known as Vertigo, housed at the Metrosports Center on Salinas Drive, Lahug.

ANOTHER INITIATIVE that H.O.E has instituted over the years is the Carrera Habagat, which is held in some of the most challenging environments in and around the highly-diversified islands of the country.